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Research integrity and ethics

We're committed to responsible research

Our aim is to partner with researchers to enable, develop and promote research excellence.


The Research Integrity Team provides training and support for researchers. We are committed to working with researchers to assist them to conduct their studies in accordance with the relevant legislation, codes and guidelines.

Contact the Research Integrity Manager on +61 2 8627 0200 or email to find out more about research integrity at the University.


The Ethics Office offers support, advice and training for researchers to guide them through the development of their ethics applications prior to submitting them for approval by the appropriate ethics committee. The office also manages the support and administration of the ethics committees at the University of Sydney.


The University has three Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) and a number of supporting committees which are entrusted to protect the mental and physical welfare, rights, dignity and safety of human participants in research at all times.

All research is reviewed and conducted within the guidelines set out in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007).

Contact the Human Ethics Manager on +61 2 9036 9161 or email for more information about human ethics.

Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) membership 银川生公台商贸有限公司

Committees are comprised of the mandatory members listed below and additional members with expertise relevant to University of Sydney research. Under the National Statement the minimum membership is eight including:

  • a chair
  • at least two lay members, one man and one woman, who have no affiliation with the institution, are not currently involved in medical, scientific, academic or legal work, and who are preferably from the community in which the institution is located
  • at least two members with knowledge of, and current experience in, the areas of research that are regularly considered by the committee (for example, health, medical, psychological, epidemiological)
  • at least one member with knowledge of, and current experience in, the professional care, counselling or treatment of people (for example, a medical practitioner, clinical psychologist, social worker, nurse)
  • at least one minister of religion, or a person with a community pastoral role, such as an Aboriginal elder
  • at least one member who is a lawyer.

The committee should ideally have equal numbers of men and women.

For more information, see section 5.1 of the National Statement (2007) (pp. 80-81).

HREC 1 保山本宏多科技有限公司

Role Name

Chairperson (Conservatorium)

Helen Mitchell

Deputy Chairperson (Health Science)

Cliffton Chan

Health Professional (Medicine)

Marjan Khajehei

Health Professional (Medicine)

Charles New


Patricia Fleming

Research Expertise (Business)

Cary Di Lernia

Research Expertise (Health Science)

Nathan Johnson

Research Expertise (Law)

Kym Sheehan

Research Expertise (Medical Science)

Devanshi Seth

Research Expertise (Psychology)

Niko Tiliopoulos


Michael Neary


David Bouckley


Christina Kanellaki Lowe


Penelope Bye

Pastoral Care

Mehmet Ozalp

HREC 2 桂林源复成商贸有限公司

Role Name

Chairperson (Health Science)

Glen Davis

Deputy Chairperson (Medicine)

Mark Arnold

Health Professional (Medicine)

Kathryn Hutt

Health Professional (Health Science)

Patricia McCabe


Wendy Blacker

Research Expertise (Business)

Shumi Akhtar

Research Expertise (Education)

Samantha McMahon

Research Expertise (Arts and Social Science)

Fiona Martin

Research Expertise (Clinical Trials)

Rebecca Mister

Research Expertise (Psychology)

Thomas Carlson


Ettore Altomare


Ross McLeod


Ruth Pojer


Susan Ashton-Davies

Pastoral Care

John Oldmeadow

HREC 3 兴化长聚祥设备有限公司

Role Name

Chairperson (Law)

Rita Shackel

Deputy Chairperson (Medicine)

Stephen Fuller

Health Professional (Medicine)

Michelle Stewart

Health Professional (Medical Science)

Leslie Nicholson


Alexander Best

Research Expertise (Arts and Social Science)

Luis Angosto Ferrández

Research Expertise (Business)

Peter Westerholm

Research Expertise (Education)

Jennifer Rowley

Research Expertise (Education)

Jennifer Way

Research Expertise (Medical Science)

Damian Holsinger

Research Expertise (Public Health)

Kevin McGeechan

Research Expertise (Psychology)

Fiona Kumfor


Matthew Smallwood




Melissa Nyholm



Pastoral Care

David Russell

External ethics applications 甘肃省满伟禄商贸有限公司

If you are an external organisation with no direct link to the University, and would like to submit a human ethics application for approval through our HRECs, contact the Human Ethics Manager on +61 2 9036 9161 or email

Please be aware that a charge will apply.


The University has two Animal Ethics Committees (AECs) whose primary role is to protect the welfare of animals used in research and teaching and ensure that their use is justified and scientifically worthwhile.

Prior to any research on animals being undertaken, an application must be submitted, reviewed and approved by an AEC, in line with the NSW Animal Research Act 1985 and the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013).

Download the Animal Ethics Committee Terms of Reference (93KB PDF).

Contact the Animal Ethics Manager on +61 2 8627 8174 or email for more information about animal ethics.


Each AEC is composed of approximately 15 people from four categories below. One third of the committee must comprise of Category C / Category D members.

  • Category A: Veterinarian
  • Category B: Researcher experienced with the use of animals for scientific or teaching purposes
  • Category C: Animal welfare member – animal welfare organisation member or nominee
  • Category D: Independent member – not associated with animal-based research or the institution except under defined circumstances.


Respect for animals is a priority and the University ensures that the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained across our various research sites. The AECs and researchers working with animals have access to veterinary support to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013).

Email for more information about animal welfare.


The University of Sydney welcomes clinical research partnerships with industry leaders in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and device development.

If you are interested in undertaking a clinical trial which is conducted at, or sponsored by the University, contact the Clinical Trial Risk & Governance Manager on +61 2 8627 0596 or email


You can raise complaints or concerns about:

  • the conduct of a University of Sydney research investigator
  • a University of Sydney research project or activity
  • the decisions of a University of Sydney Animal Ethics Committee or Human Research Ethics Committee
  • the care and use of animals
  • research activities undertaken without appropriate ethics approval
  • research projects which are non-compliant with the relevant legislation, codes and guidelines.

Please refer any matters to the appropriate team below.

Research integrity
The Director of Research Integrity and Ethics Administration
+61 2 8627 0200

Human ethics
Human Ethics Manager
+61 2 9036 9161

Animal ethics
Animal Ethics Manager
+61 2 8627 8174

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